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Last updated December 20, 2013
The Strategic EMPLOYER newsletter for NOVEMBER 2013 is now available!
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Waag and Co. periodically produces The Strategic EMPLOYER newsletter, delivered via email, keeping you up-to-date on recent legal news affecting employers. This newsletter is meant as a working tool for employers to help them explore areas that may be of strategic value to their business. The actions that managers take today will affect the quality of your workforce for years to come. Such actions may also be judged by juries three or more years from now. What will be the context in which such actions will be judged? In order to prevail in such circumstances, employers need to look to the horizon and recognize the approaching legal trends.

The goal of The Strategic Employer is to make you aware of some of the more important new laws that have recently come out, as well as what to expect as each year progresses. If recent history is any indication, we expect that there will be no shortage of changes to report.


1. ObamaCare, Plus New State Laws!
2. Plan Your Holiday Party Carefully
3. Big Increase in California Minimum Wage
4. New California State Laws for 2014
5. New Developments in Pay Practice
6. Waag and Co. Employee Policy Guides
7. Overtime for “Personal Attendants”
8. Complexity Rules for Same-Sex Spouses
9. Improper I-9 Completion Costly
10. OSHA Training Deadline Coming Dec. 1, 2013
11. Waag and Co. News Briefs - Part I
12. Waag and Co. News Briefs - Part II

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